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New Jaimee Info.

I have searched the w-w-w- for ages and now I have bundles of information from quite a few sites so i'd like to say a big thanks to TribeHeaven, TribeWorld, YTG and TribeTalk for all the information!
Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu was born on 7th April 1987, she was born in St. Helens Hospital, Auckland.
She lives with her mother and sister.
Her younger sister is called Terina, her idol is her mother.
Nickname: J
Favourite place in the world: Lucerne, Switzerland.
Favourite type of music: RAP
Fave TV show: The Simpsons
Fave film: Matrix
Best friends in tribe cast are: Dan Weekes-Hannah and Tori Spence.
Her family love to travel.
Favourite season: Christmas, she'd love to have a white christmas because it's always hot in NZ.
She has lots of goldfish and a cat.
She loves diet pepsi and chocolate.
She wants to study pyschology.
She doesn't smoke.
She's been acting since she was about 5.
Favourite animal: White Siberian Tiger
She described herself in 5 words as:
Interesting, Smart, talkative, fun and caring.
JAIMEE on The Tribe and her character CLOE.
Jaimee said she'd visit a site if it was made on her and her character. (i hope she see's this one).
Fave tribe series: 4.
Fave Tribe Episode: Paint Fight
Fave TT Actress: Beth Allen
Fave TT Album song: beepbeep
Fave Cloe look: end of series 3 look
There's a lot of differences between Jaimee and Cloe personality wise. e.g. she doesn;t talk to animals in real life!
Most embarresing moment on set: She sat on a bed and it broke.
I am in no connection with Jaimee or cloud9 at all, the reason i have all this info is because i searched ages and ages for it so please do not steal it.

Jaimee was 11 in S1, she is now 14. She's had a variety of experience in film, radio and television. She's had roles in the short films: CLOWN STORY (1996) and THE BIRTHDAY (1994). She played the lead role in the short film "the kiwi and the water melon" (1993).
Her TV work includes roles in The Visitation and Xena.
Most recently Jaimee has worked as a reporter for What Now for KVNZ.
She has recorded several radio commercials and has a weekly radio spot with wellington radio station "THE BREEZE!".
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At a Glance

Date Of Birth:   7th April 1987
Siblings:            Sister called Terina
Idol:                   Her mother