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latest upd8z to jaimee online!

This page is just to tell you what updates I've made.
24th June 2002: added a new award i'd won. woohoo!
7th June 2002: Added Dark-tears network banner and affiliate to my site, this sites now a part of dark tears network.
6th June 2002: Did quite a few things today, i found loadsa new jaimee info so i put iton the "biography" page, i changed the link pic on main page, added loads of new links, edited awards page congrats to trueblue and jaimeekg site who r tied-winners of the june 2002 awards, edited contact me page as well, please do not hesitate to contact me as i love hearing from ya all.
31ST may 2002: I changed the image on the CLOE page, changed the top image on the main page, added 1 affiliate. Please visit my new site which i have co-owned with sarah it's 100% amy morrison:

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