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All Official Pictures Of Jaimee are copyright (C) to Cloud9 The Tribe ltd. and tribeworld. There is a link on the links page and also you can click the cloe pic at the bottom of this page to go there too. Channel5 Scans thanks to the babblezone.
This site is part of the dark tears network!
*NEW* Patsy2 a friend of a friend has sent me some new Cloe ki.ka scans which shall be put up on the site next week. One of them is below.


Welcome to JAIMEE ONLINE, the first EVER English website to come on2 the worldwide web strictly devoted to the fantastic, pretty and mega-talented Jaimee Kaire-Gataulu.

Jaimee first entered the tribe as cloe in series 1 and is now missing in series 4 but hopefully will return, this site is all about Jaimee her character cloe and n e other news i may find on Jaimee.
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